A Men’s Spread Collar Shirt Says So much More By Frankred

Over the past few months, thousands of students from around the country havegraduated from college, accomplishing a goal that is not only a big individual goal,but an accomplishment, that they can share with their family members as well. Insome cases these men, and women can take a break, and take some time to map outtheir […]

There’s A Story Behind Frankred’s Button Down Shirts

As the first person in my family to attend college, I felt a great deal of responsibility to represent myself, and my family, as best I could. At times this caused me to experience some anxiety about the new environment that I was in which was much different than the one that I grew up […]

Classic Fit Shirts for Men’s

The great Bob Dylan asked the question “How Does It Feel” in his classic song “Like A Rolling Stone” and I love the song so much, because that’s the question that I have been asking our customers, since we started this journey over ten years ago. The designers of the Frankred brand have taken an […]

Thank You For Your Support

For various reasons sometimes it feels like time is moving at warp speed, while some of us appear to be moving is slow motion.  This was the case for me in 2018. This year, I launched, a men’s dress and casual shirt brand, and I started working on a new hip-hop album for the […]

Helping People Is My Passion

One the things that successful entrepreneurs must continuously do, is ask themselves one question, what drives me to do what I do?  Without knowing the answer to this question, it’s possible for you to lose focus or worse than that, loose the passion that motivated you to start your business in the first place. One the […]

Give And You Will Receive

There is a good reason why “Shark tank,” the show that provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to pitch business  “big wigs” with the hope that they might invest in their small businesses, and in many cases, just their terrific ideas has been a hit on television for nearly 10 years.  “Shark Tank” and along with many other content […]


For many people their existence into the fashion industry seemed predestine.  I’ve heard countless firsthand accounts of people talking glowingly about how they became aware of clothing designers at a very young age, and at that moment being physically, and mentally engulfed in fashion for as long as they can remember.  Well, as much as […]

The Journey Begins

When I started to envision what the Frankred brand would represent to it’s customers, I thought a great deal about Hip Hop music, and more specifically about the artists that I respected, and admired, and who had established loyal fan bases over a long period of time. The common thread that all of artists that […]

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