About Frankred’s Custom Clothing

Frankred’s Men Clothing Store like many great ideas was created to fill a simple need.While there are a considerable number of established brands that service the overall men’s clothing market, the large and tall sector of that community has been historically under served, and that continues to be the case to this day.  Frankred’s mission is to provide it’s customers with high quality, comfort fitting, and stylish clothing options for men of all sizes, but specifically for men who are undersized by mainstream clothing stores.

Since 2008 Frankred has been creating custom shirts, pants, and suit designs for male customers of all sizes and shapes.  As a result, he has built a loyal customer base, and a tremendous reputation over a 10-year period, that stands on the company’s three core values, which are providing customers with high quality fabrics, ensuring an excellent fit experience, and building a reputation as a company that provides excellent customer service for it’s customers.

 We would like to personally invite you to take a ride with us on our journey to establish Frankred as one of the leading professional and casual suppliers of men’s clothing in the industry.  Initially, we will introduce our Frankred brand of dress and casual shirts and add to out product line over time.

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