A Men’s Spread Collar Shirt Says So much More By Frankred

Over the past few months, thousands of students from around the country have
graduated from college, accomplishing a goal that is not only a big individual goal,
but an accomplishment, that they can share with their family members as well. In
some cases these men, and women can take a break, and take some time to map out
their futures. However, as college degrees have become more and more expensive
to obtain, many students have completed several internships by the time the
graduate, and are on the cusp of picking among the job offers that they have
received, which is truly a blessing, because it doesn’t work out this way for
My experience was similar to what I think most young people are experiencing
today, which is, preparing to pay back the enormous loans that they have
accumulated, to pay for the college degree that they are presumably proud of. I
remember having three interviews with fortune 500 companies after I graduated,
and not having any idea what I would wear to the interviews because as a large
young male, I didn’t have much interest in shopping for clothes. Luckily, I had a
wonderful auntie named Edna, and she took me shopping in Manhattan to purchase
my first suit and a few dress shirts.
I remember her saying, “I’m the buying the clothes, so I get to pick them out” to me
it wasn’t much of an ask, so I quickly agreed to her request. My aunt Edna was a
classy woman who always kept up with fashion, so I knew I was in good hands. She
picked out a beautiful navy blue suit for me, and two shirts, a white, and a light blue
that she specified must be spread collar. Honestly, I didn’t know what a spread
collar shirt was, but over the years, I would become very familiar with this style
of the dress shirt.
Without spoiling the ending, I believe that I partly was hired for my first job,
because of the spread collar shirt that I wore on the day, that I was interviewed six
times by six different people for the same job. I never forgot that experience, and
what I learned was, I probably got hired, because I was very prepared for the job
opportunity, and maybe someone believed in me. Nevertheless, I know wearing a
great suit and dress shirt made me feel comfortable, lowered my stress level to the
extent, that I believe I was able to project a sense of confidence, and professionalism
to my future employer.
At this point in my life, I have changed careers several times, and I have gone on
countless interviews, but I am still conscious of how relaxed I feel when I wear a
Spread Collar Shirt. It sends a message that says, “I am ready for this
opportunity, but I am not overwhelmed, I am here in this space, because I belong
here”. As the owner of Frankred.com an online casual and dress shirt brand, it’s
important to me that my customers experience what I have enjoyed for so many

years, when wearing a spread-collared shirt, which is a high level of comfort
knowing that the shirt that I am wearing is, going to fit well, and accentuate the
positive characteristics that I represent physically and mentally.

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