There’s A Story Behind Frankred’s Button Down Shirts

As the first person in my family to attend college, I felt a great deal of
responsibility to represent myself, and my family, as best I could. At times this
caused me to experience some anxiety about the new environment that I was in
which was much different than the one that I grew up in. I knew that the best
way to get off to a good start in college was to do well in school, so I studied
hard, and I took advantage of all of the resources that the University offered me.
Also, because I participated in sports, I had even more resources to utilize when I
needed them.
Nevertheless, there were times in which I felt awkward in my space, and I
needed to find a way to field comfortable in my own skin. When I looked at other
college students, I noticed how they acted, and I became aware of how they
dressed. One of the signature pieces of clothing that many of the males were
wearing was a button down collared shirt. I had never been too concerned about
how I dressed in high school, so I had never noticed a button down shirt before,
but I liked how it visually looked when I observed people wearing them.
Therefore, I decided to buy one for myself, so I went to local men’s clothing
store to buy a button down collard shirt, and by the time I left the store I was very
disappointed, because I had an impossible time finding shirts that comfortably fit
my 18 size neck. I was able to find a size 171/2, which would do fine as long
didn’t try to button the top button. Nevertheless, I felt good wearing my classic
blue cotton button down shirt. As my knowledge of fashion improved, I was able
to find stores that carried size 18, but it wasn’t uncommon for me to only find 2 or
3 colors to choose from in my size, but had I been a smaller size I would have
had many more colors to choose from.
When I started the Frankred brand over ten years ago, those experiences didn’t
escape me, and I was determined to make sure that I offered many large sizes
and a wide color selection of button down shirts for my customers, so they
wouldn’t have to experience what I did early in my life. By the consistent sales
and customer comments about our button down shirts, we feel that the Frankred
brand is making some strong inroads to the button down market and I invite you
to try one or more of our shirts, I know that you won’t be disappointed.
I am not just the owner of Frankred but I am a customer as well and I take more
pride seeing other people wearing the Frankred brand than I do wearing the
shirts myself, because I know have wonderful the shirts are, but when someone
takes a chance and buys a Frankred shirt with their hard earned money I couldn’t
be happier, when I receive comments that speak to their satisfaction with the

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