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The great Bob Dylan asked the question “How Does It Feel” in his classic song “Like A Rolling Stone” and I love the song so much, because that’s the question that I have been asking our customers, since we started this journey over ten years ago. The designers of the Frankred brand have taken an intuitive approach when designing their men’s casual and business dress shirts.

 Their focus is, and has always been on the individual customer’s fit, and comfort experience, but not at the expense of sacrificing the presence of style and elegance.  Moreover, our designers take pride in knowing that most of their time and attention will be spent trying to satisfy needs our individual customers.  For example, our shirts are manufactured to adapt to the contours of the customer’s body over time, which I can personally confirm, will lead to many great experiences wearing a Frankred shirt.

  For most men who are considered outside of the normal size dimensions, they will tell you that the most important aspect of the clothes that they purchase, and ultimately wear, is based on how the clothes fit.  For so long it has been an all, or nothing proposition, when large men had to choose between buying a shirt that fit well, verses buying a shirt that was considered stylish, but maybe didn’t offer the level of fit comfort that you would’ve liked.

 In any event, those days are over, because the Frankred brand, combines fit comfort with a fabulous range of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.  Furthermore, if you visit the Frankred website ( you will find a built in template that allows our customers, to order any size, and color option that you would like, and then your order will be manufactured to the specific measurements, that you put into the portal on the website.

  We believe in building our business, and customer base one shirt order at a time, because we are confident, if we can get you to try one Frankred shirt, we will have a customer for life.  It might sound incongruent to some, but our focus at Frankred, isn’t to make as much money as we can, it’s to satisfy as many customers as we can.  Invariably, there will occurrences in life that affect business, that we don’t control, however can uphold the standards that we set for ourselves 100% of the time.

 Having a high level of benevolence in our approach to servicing our customers and our community has guided our vision from the inception of the creation of the Frankred brand, and as a result we have built a loyal and passionate customer base that loves to share their experiences with others with the Frankred brand.

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