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For various reasons sometimes it feels like time is moving at warp speed, while some of us appear to be moving is slow motion.  This was the case for me in 2018. This year, I launched, a men’s dress and casual shirt brand, and I started working on a new hip-hop album for the first time in years, which believe it or not, has some similarities to starting a business.  

  For example, I believe to connect with potential customers, who will buy your albums, or who will feel comfortable purchasing your products online, the customers must feel that they are getting a truly authentic experience.  Therefore, it’s my responsibility to consistently provide those experiences to my customers.  One way that I can do this is, by producing high quality products to my clients, to the extent, that they feel that the product that they received from me was better than what they paid for it.  I use to always feel this way, whenever I bought a “Gangstarr” record.  No disrespect to the power of internet marking, because it certainly has value, however when someone who you trust tells you about a product, or experience that they have personally had, it supersedes all marketing endeavors.

  When I finally did come up for air from working on all the projects that I am developing, I realized that it was already November, which made me realize that Christmas was only one month away.  This revelation gave me a moment of clarity, as to why I created the Frankred brand, which was to provide a space online where big and tall guys, could go to find high quality shirts that fit perfectly and also exhibit a sense of style, and elegance, that I think men of any age would like to feel that they represent.

  In our first year of having an online presence, I feel proud that we at have accomplished many of our goals, and the feedback that we have received from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward utilizing the feedback that we received, to insure that the Frankred brand continues to be, one of the places that customers go to, when they want to purchase high quality men’s casual and dress shirts.

   Furthermore, I want women to think of as a destination point when they think about buying shirts for their husbands, fathers, brothers etc.  With all do represent, we do appreciate the scarfs, undershirts, and socks that routinely find their way into our hands at Christmas time, however, we wouldn’t be upset if we received a quality shirt that fit well and was pleasing to the eyes too.  In all seriousness, we at feel very honored to serve you and we think you for the support that you have given us this year and I we look forward to building on our relationships in 2019.

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