The Journey Begins

When I started to envision what the Frankred brand would represent to it’s customers, I thought a great deal about Hip Hop music, and more specifically about the artists that I respected, and admired, and who had established loyal fan bases over a long period of time. The common thread that all of artists that I thought of shared was they built their careers on focusing on the quality of their art, and not on what was hot at that particular time.  Moreover, they were a the type of artists, that you would be just as excited to play their music 25 years from now, as you are right now, upon listening to one of their songs for the first time.

Similarly, I want the Frankred brand to communicate to it’s customers, many of the principles and characteristics that are embedded in the cultural fabric of the artists that I am thinking about. .  For example, 25 years ago the legendary hip hop group Gang Starr (Dj Premier and Guru) created a lane for themselves in the hop hip landscape that didn’t exist, and although Gang Starr no longer exists as a performing group, their music, and legacy are as strong as ever.

Our mission is to position the Frankred brand so that, it becomes a destination spot for people who are active consumers in the Big and Tall male dress shirt market.  Our top priorities as a company are to focus on the quality of our shirts, service our customers well, and to create a perfect fit for all of our customers. To accomplish our goals we have partnered with some of the best tailors and designers in the world, and we have spent over 10 years collecting feedback from our customers that has allowed us to offer our customers an impressive selection of colors and sizes that we offer as stock items, and through our customize ordering program.

With that said, I look forward to starting this journey together, to establish the Frankred dress shirt brand as one of the industry leaders.


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